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A MESSAGE TO MY PATIENTS Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery

I’d like to share a little bit about my background and how I came to work in this field that I love. In this message, my purpose is to give patients a glimpse into my professional development and my philosophy of facial plastic surgery.

When I was in high school and helping counselors in the field of substance abuse, I became very interested in psychiatry. I found I had a keen interest in how the mind worked, in particular, how a person’s view of themselves can affect their self-esteem. I completed college with every intention of being a psychiatrist. After being accepted into The Medical College of Wisconsin (formerly Marquette University), I would have a major change of heart.

During my first semester in medical school, I developed a fascination with head and neck anatomy. My professors would often comment that I had some of the most detailed dissections in our class. One day, a professor pulled me aside and recommended that I look into surgery as a career as I had a knack for dissection and handling of tissues. I mentioned to him that my interest was in psychiatry; he responded that plastic surgery is the one discipline that ties both psychiatry and surgery together.

I started looking into plastic surgery as a career choice. I discovered an even more specialized and detailed discipline called facial plastic surgery (surgery limited to the face, head, and neck). Soon after, I found that the best route to train in this highly competitive specialty (40 graduates nationwide annually) would be to first complete a residency training in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery and go on to complete a fellowship in facial plastic surgery.

As hard work and a little luck would have it, I had the fortune to gain acceptance in a highly respected residency program. I continued my training in a very selective fellowship program in Alabama dedicated to facial plastic surgery. In 2005, I joined my brother in private practice and started the Garcia Institute, where we both developed a center dedicated only to the face, head, and neck. In 2009, we developed Contoura as a unique procedure to treat the volume loss issues that occur with aging, and this quickly became a household name all across the Southeast.

In 2015, I opened Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach with the mission of assessing and addressing the issues of the aging face in a much more detailed and natural fashion. We have developed an approach to address the issues of the aging face with minimal discomfort and downtime with the most natural results.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me. It is important that my patients get a sense of who I am as a person and my underlying approach to cosmetic surgery. I trust that you will find the information contained on this website educational and helpful. My ultimate goal is to provide my patients with the tools to make the most informed decisions about all facial cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Roberto Garcia

Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

Under the direction of visionary double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia, Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery offers the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures in a relaxed and serene setting. Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation today to get the first glimpse of your future self.

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