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Jacksonville Eyelash Tint

Deeper, Darker Lashes for a Striking Look

Just like hair color, eyelashes come in a wide variety of natural colors. If you'd prefer to have the look of dark, dramatic lashes but your natural color is white blond, light brown, or just not dark enough, consider eyelash tinting. A tint can eliminate the need to wear any mascara saving you time and effort every day during your beauty routine. From deep brown to jet black, an eyelash tint can give you the eyelashes you've always wanted in a quick appointment with no maintenance.

Eyelash Tint at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery

We only do face and neck procedures and treatments at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL, so we understand every facet of our client's potential facial aesthetic goals.

We strive to provide natural-looking, brilliant results regardless of how simple or in-depth the treatment. Dr. Garcia and the team of practitioners, nurses, estheticians, and staff are committed to giving you professional and glowing results with your eyelash tint.

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Jacksonville Eyelash tint model

What is an Eyelash Tint?

An eyelash tint involves applying semi-permanent dye to your eyelashes from lash line to tip to make them darker.

This dye is specifically made for eyelashes and is safe and gentle enough to use near your eyelid skin. By darkening very small, less visible lashes it also helps to fill out the appearance at the lash line making your lashes look fuller. Typically those with very light or very fine eyelashes opt for this procedure, however, it is safe and effective for anyone, even those who already have fairly dark eyelashes but want that extra, mascara-done look without the extra daily work.

Eyelash Tint vs Eyelash Lift

While an eyelash tint changes the color of your eyelashes, an eyelash lift provides a semi-permanent curl for your lashes. Often these two procedures are performed together since they are so complementary to each other. A combined eyelash tint and lift can completely eliminate the need for mascara along with your eyelash curler for several weeks. However, if you have a nice curl to your lashes and don't feel the lift is needed, an eyelash tint can of course be performed on its own with stunning results.

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Benefits of an Eyelash Tint

An eyelash tint provides the appearance of wearing mascara without actually having to use any.

Those with very light-colored eyelashes can enjoy looking in the mirror and really being able to see their eyelashes without mascara. If you're going jet black on your already dark lashes, you can enjoy the mascara look without the mascara time. The overall benefits of an eyelash tint include:

  • Darker colored lashes
  • A more full lash look
  • No-maintenance daily color
  • Enhance your natural eye appeal

Am I a candidate for an Eyelash Tint?

Virtually anyone who is looking to have the appearance of darker, fuller lashes without the need for makeup is a great candidate for a lash tint. Since this procedure also eliminates any runny makeup issues with moisture, it's great for those who exercise or swim frequently. If you have a history of skin allergies or sensitivities, be sure to discuss this with your lash technician. You are likely an ideal candidate for eyelash tint if you have:

  • Naturally light eyelashes
  • Fine eyelash texture
  • Limited makeup application time or patience
  • A desire to boost your daily eyelash look without makeup

Consultation and Preparation

During a consultation, we will discuss your beauty goals as well as decide on your ideal tint shade for maximum face highlighting results.

We can also go over the options for an eyelash lift if you'd like to explore that possibility as well. Prior to the procedure, we'll ask that you not wear any waterproof or other oil-based mascara for at least 48 hours and refrain from curling your lashes for 24 hours. Before your appointment, you'll need to remove all eye makeup and contact lenses.

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Usually, an entire eyelash tinting appointment takes 30 minutes or less from start to finish. If you're also opting for an eyelash lift, it may be slightly longer. During the treatment, your technician will use a special tape to hold down your lower lashes and protect the skin under your eye.

Then, with your eyes closed, they will apply a silicone mold to your upper eyelid. This will then be used as a base to apply the dye onto your lashes by swiping them up. There is no pain associated with an eyelash tint but you may feel a slight tingling if any dye comes into contact with your eyelid.

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Results and Aftercare

After an Austin eyelash tint, you will want to avoid moisture and eye makeup for about 24 hours to ensure that your tint sets properly.

You will also want to leave your contact lenses out for the rest of the day. There is no downtime; you will just want to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes until the next day. Those with sensitive skin could experience some redness or irritation after the treatment, which should resolve within a few hours.

Why Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery?

At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, we always want to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best. The entire team in Jacksonville, FL is committed to giving you a fantastic lash tint experience from consultation to those gorgeous “after” photos. We are thrilled to offer the most exciting and effective aesthetic options that are available.

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Eyelash Tint FAQs

What are the risks associated with an eyelash tint?

The side effects of a eyelash tint procedure can include redness, swelling, or itchiness around the eyes. In rare but serious cases of allergy to the serum, chemical burns can occur.

Does a eyelash tint damage your lashes?

A lash tint is similar to dying your hair; with a skilled technician and proper care, your lashes can stay healthy and supple. However, overdying, using low-grade products, or poor technique can cause issues which is why getting a eyelash tint with a reputable and professional provider is so important.

Can you still wear mascara after an eyelash tint?

You can wear non-oil-based mascara after a lash tint, but the real end goal is not to need it since repeated removal of lash makeup can fade the tint faster. An eyelash curler might be the best tool once your lashes are tinted. If you opt for a lash lift along with your tint, you may not need either!

How long does am eyelash tint last?

Most eyelash tints last about 4-5 weeks, depending on how long your lashes take to regrow. Most people's lashes naturally fall out and grow replacements at a rate of one to five lashes each day.

How much does an eyelash tint cost?

The average cost of an eyelash tint ranges from around $20 to $40, depending on the location and the establishment performing the tint. If you are also opting for a lash lift or any other procedures, that can alter the total cost as well.

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