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Are you suffering from stubborn, hard-to-treat acne? Are you covering your skin with makeup and feeling self-conscious about your appearance? If so, Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery encourages you to schedule an appointment with our skilled team in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. We provide Cynosure laser acne treatment that is safe and effective for virtually all skin types and tones.

Our talented skin care team, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia, has helped countless area men and women take back their confidence with this innovative, nonsurgical procedure. Using revolutionary technology, Cynosure laser acne treatment deep cleans your pores, removing deep-seated oil and bacteria for a drastically improved complexion. Call today to schedule your first session.


To complete your laser acne treatment, a member of our team will ask you to get comfortable in one of our procedure chairs before prepping your skin. The session will last about 20 minutes, during which time the Cynosure laser applicator will deliver heat and laser energy to your skin, promoting healing and destroying bacteria. Simultaneously, the laser will stimulate the production of collagen beneath your skin to expedite healing and promote the growth of new clearer skin. You will be provided with eye protection during your treatment.

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Ideal candidates for laser acne treatment are struggling with moderate to severe acne that is not responsive to skin care or oral and topical medications. These individuals may be experiencing skin damage, discoloration, and scarring from their acne. Severe acne can change the texture and tone of your skin when left untreated.


The Contoura skin care team at our Jacksonville medical spa recommends that you do not wear cosmetics for 24 hours following the procedure. Laser acne treatment does not often cause side effects so patients should be able to return to their daily activities immediately following their sessions. You may notice that your skin is red and a bit irritated post-treatment, but this will fade in the coming days. We recommend 4 – 6 treatment sessions each spaced about one month apart for the best possible results.

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At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe that Cynosure laser acne treatment is a powerful solution for the treatment of certain skin conditions, such as chronic acne, rosacea, and overly large pores.

To amplify your results, our team may also combine this treatment with other methods of therapy to rejuvenate and repair your skin to the healthy state you desire. In addition, our aestheticians can help you establish a healthy skin care regimen and recommend products that will help care for your unique skin. To learn more about our skin care services, please call our helpful staff in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL today.

LASER ACNE TREATMENTFrequently Asked Questions

Why do I need multiple sessions?

Our skin care team will customize your treatment plan to meet your unique skin care goals. This may include many or just a few sessions. If your acne is moderate to severe, you will best benefit from several sessions scheduled a month apart. During your consultation, we will explain this to you in more detail.

Does Cynosure laser acne treatment hurt?

Laser acne treatment is a very tolerable treatment with many patients reporting only minor discomfort during their sessions. If it would make you feel more at ease, a numbing cream can be applied to your skin before the treatment is initiated.

How should I care for my skin after the procedure?

During your consultation and then again after your session, a member of the Contoura skin care team will provide you with detailed instructions for aftercare. We recommend patients refrain from direct sunlight for the first day following treatment. If you will need to be in direct sunlight, we recommend a hat or sunscreen to protect your skin.

How much does laser acne treatment cost?

The cost of your Cynosure laser acne treatment will depend on the number of sessions needed to obtain your desired results. A member of the Contoura skin care team can discuss these costs with you in detail during your initial consultation. Our practice accepts many forms of payment methods.

Why Cynosure?

Cynosure is an effective, long-term solution for the treatment of overactive sebaceous glands, oil buildup, and clogged pores. The laser systems also allow for less downtime and better results than other lasers.


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Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks

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Average Procedure Time: 30-45 min

Post-op Follow-up: Varies

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