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Jacksonville Lash Lift

An eye-opening way to lift your look

Sparse, light-colored, or very straight eyelashes might mean spending a large chunk of your beauty routine applying mascara, using a curling tool, or applying false eyelashes that might only last a day or two. But without these products, you may feel like your eyes disappear or don’t have the striking appearance you’d like. If this is your dilemma, consider a lash lift and tint to brighten the look of your eyes and cut down the length of your everyday makeup routine.

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Lash lift before
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Lash Lift at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery

Our goal at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL is to provide natural-looking, brilliant results no matter how in-depth or minimal the treatment is.

We only do face and neck procedures, so we understand and strive to achieve every facet of our Jacksonville lash lift client’s facial aesthetic goals. Dr. Garcia and our team of practitioners, nurses, estheticians, and staff are committed to giving you skillful and luminous results with a lash lift and a comfortable and professional experience.

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What is an Eyelash Lift?

An eyelash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes. It transforms your lashes the way an eyelash curler would, but it lasts much longer and is more effective. Unlike false lashes or extensions, an eyelash lift uses only your real lashes to achieve the look of more length and fullness.

This effect is provided by lifting the lashes from the base to the end, which means you can see the full length of the lashes from the front. The procedure is performed by removing the keratin from your lashes with a serum, shaping them over a silicone mold, and then replacing the keratin by using another formula to reveal lifted, transformed lashes.

Eyelash Lift vs Eyelash Extensions

Both an eyelash lift and eyelash extensions can give you the appearance of fuller, more striking eyelashes. The main difference is that an eyelash lift does not add any artificial lash material and only utilizes your own, natural lashes for enhancement. Eyelash extensions are added to your natural lashes one at a time meaning this can be quite a time-consuming option. With a lash lift, the lashes are treated all at once, making this typically a shorter treatment. The results of an eyelash lift also last about twice as long.

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Benefits of an Eyelash Lift

Imagine not having to spend time applying many coats of mascara or false eyelashes each day. With a lash lift, most clients feel so good about the way their lashes look, they will regularly go without mascara.

Lash lifts provide a way to have more luscious, beautiful lashes every day without makeup and without a lengthy extension application. This procedure can provide:

  • Longer-looking lashes
  • Low maintenance option
  • Natural results
  • Confidence without mascara

Am I a Candidate for an Eyelash Lift?

While your natural lashes don’t need to be particularly long or dense to see great results with a lash lift, your eyelashes do need to be strong and healthy. If you have especially sensitive skin, you will want to discuss this with your provider to see if this might not be the best option for you or discuss ways that the risk of an allergic reaction or rash can be reduced. If you’re looking for beautiful results and an enhancement of your natural lashes, then you are likely a great candidate for this procedure. Here are a few things that an eyelash lift can do:

  • Improve appearance of short or sparse eyelashes
  • Light colored lashes can be darkened
  • Reduce time and money spent on daily eyelash enhancement methods

Consultation and Preparation

At a consultation for lash lift Jacksonville based Contoura will discuss your needs for eyelash enhancement, your expectations for results, and cover any possible allergy or health concerns.

To prepare for your appointment, you will need to be free of all eye makeup and not wear any oil-based mascara for 48 hours prior. Contacts will also need to be removed before the procedure, and any eye infections would need to clear up before treatment.

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The Last Lift Procedure

During the procedure, your technician will stick your lower lashes to your lower lid with an adhesive pad.

Then, they’ll fit a silicone piece to your upper lid and gently smooth your eyelashes over the silicone using a serum to achieve the desired effect. If a tint will also be applied, it will be brushed on while the lashes are against the silicone form.

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Results and Aftercare

After the procedure, you will want to avoid wearing any makeup on your lashes and keep them bare for at least 48 hours.

Once 2-3 days have passed, you can wear mascara that is not oil-based. Getting your lashes wet or damp in the first 1-2 days can also affect the outcome of your results, so we recommend avoiding steam, washing your hair when showering, and splashing your eyes when washing your face.


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Why Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Garcia and the team in Jacksonville, FL would be thrilled to help walk you through your lash lift and tint experience from consultation to follow-up. We are committed to offering the most exciting and effective aesthetic options that are available. At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, we will ensure that you are looking and feeling fabulous.

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Lash Lift FAQs

What are the risks associated with a lash lift?

Side effects and risks associated with a lash lift and tint include rash, redness, blisters, or inflammation around the eye, especially for those with more sensitive skin. These issues can almost always be avoided if the procedure is performed by a certified provider.

Does a lash lift damage your lashes?

Not if the treatment is performed properly with high-quality products. Some dryness can occur even with a successful treatment, but brittle or broken lashes should not be an issue with a skilled and licensed technician.

Can you still wear mascara after a lash lift?

You will need to wait about 24-48 hours before wearing mascara or any oil-based eye makeup. After that, you can wear mascara, but avoid oil-based varieties (i.e. waterproof) as it can break down the effects of your lash lift.

How long does a lash lift last?

Typically, a lash lift will last about 4-6 weeks. The more you follow post-care and maintenance guidelines, the more likely your lash lift will last a full 6 weeks.

How much does a lash lift cost?

The cost of a lash lift depends on the type of lift, whether a tint will be included, where you’re getting it done, and who will be performing the treatment. The average cost nationally is about $100-$150.

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