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Dermabrasion Plastic Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach | Patient 05

Patient Details

Love My Results, Ponte Vedra Beach


Over 60

Procedure Details

This lovely patient was a real treat! Working with Dr. Garcia, she was able to achieve her aesthetic goals in a big way. Improvement is visible in all areas of her face; neck, jowls, eyes and skin!

Beauty Transformation

This patient was interested in an all over rejuvenation to her appearance. She was concerned with the jowling and looseness in her neck. She was also concerned with the sun damage and lines all over her face, particularly around her mouth. Finally, she was looking to open her eyes and remove the wrinkling under her eyes. Her after photos show a significant change to her overall appearance.

Beauty Transformation Side

This view shows the significant changes made particularly along her jawline and neck. The texture of her skin is much improved as with the full face chemical peel treatment.

Beautiful Eyes

These images show a big improvement to the eye area for this patient. Her eyes are more opened and refreshed in the after photo.

Lip Lines Improved

Dermabrasion around the mouth helped this patient a younger more refreshed appearance. Her lip lines and wrinkling are significantly improved.

Beautiful Oblique view

This oblique accentuates the dramatic changes visible on the neck, jawline and cheek areas. The texture and overall appearance of her skin is tremendously improved as well.

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