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Contoura LIFT® VIDEO By Dr Roberto Garcia - New Innovative Procedure

Contoura LIFT® VIDEO By Dr Roberto Garcia - New Innovative Procedure

Hi Karen, how are you doing? Good to see you again! Come on back! We're gonna do your pre-op today.

I'm super excited, I can't wait to feel comfortable in my own skin again, just because the aging process and knowing how reputable Dr. Garcia is, I'm just thrilled that... Getting to have this opportunity to have this Contoura lift.

Well, the Contoura lift is a minimally invasive in-office procedure, that affords us the ability to treat the early signs of aging in the mid face.

I'm looking excited to have some of this loose skin, and a little bit of the jowl-ing, and the cheeks lifted, so, really excited about that.

The Contoura lift is intended to be very comfortable for our patients. Often times I'm asked about the anesthetic, so it's very similar to being at the dentist, where we give you a few small pinches, the area gets numbed, and the patients don't feel at thing.

He's very meticulous and he's top at what he does, so I'm really getting excited.

The beauty of this procedure is, in the office, with the patient awake, we're able to make a profound different in the line of the jaw and tightening of the neck. Where classically the recovery for these types of procedures where anywhere from six weeks to eight weeks, we now see an immediate result on the table, and went patients look at themselves right after the surgery, they are marveled at the difference and definition in their jaw line. The swelling and bruising does being to kick in after that, and generally speaking by about two weeks, the bruising is almost completely non-existent. In fact, patients at one week have about a quarter of the bruising that we used to have before. It really does look beautiful and it looks very natural, so it's kind of what we wanted.

Exactly. I'm extremely ecstatic, and no one has every said to me, "Oh, did you have work done?", or anything of that regard in any respect. It's just, they've said, "Oh, your skin looks great.", or, "You look fabulous.", so there's been no drastic change, it's just been a very youthful natural change in my face and I'm just really excited about it, very happy and pleased.