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The Contoura Procedure - Dr. Roberto Garcia

Dr. Roberto Garcia is the Founder and Creator of the Contoura Procedure.

Hi. I'm Dr. Roberto Garcia. The founder and creator of the Contoura procedure. I've often been asked, "What is the Contoura procedure? And what differentiates it from the classic structural fat grafting?"

Years ago we created a product, a procedure, where we could take volume from one part of the body and place it back into the area around the eyes, in the temples, in the cheeks, and folds around the mouth. This we called the Contoura procedure. In essence, Contoura is nothing more than structural fat grafting. The technique is very similar to what structural fat grafting is, except for a small twist, which is what provides us the longevity and the smoothness of the product.

I've done over ten thousand procedures of only structural fat grafting in my career, and can tell you that this is, without a doubt, the answer to the aging process.

Structural fat grafting has been around for years. The only problem with structural fat grafting is that it wasn't done properly. Patients would complain of lumps, puckers, bumps and irregularities, and often times, patients would complain that the product just didn't last long enough.

If you think about what happens during the aging process, there is fat loss that occurs as the face ages. Contoura and fat grafting are a form of re transplantation of fat back into those areas of the face that have hollowed with time.

Learn more about Contoura on the web, and read about structural fat grafting. This is a revolutionary procedure that can make a profound difference in the aging face.
I hope this helps. Have a great day.