Rhinoplasty Experience - Dr. Roberto Garcia - Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Roberto Garcia unveils the results of Sarah's rhinoplasty a week after surgery.

So today we're one week, actually technically six days.

From a rhinoplasty that Sara had last week, and she told us that her worst days were on day three and day four, which is expected, and we've improved two things. Number one, we got her breathing much better, and secondly, we've improved the appearance of the nose. Not only have we reduced a lot of this hump, which I'll show you here in a moment, but we've also straightened out a lot of this, so we're very excited about the results and we're very excited about her impression, right? That's the most important part.

Right. Oh my gosh.

It's so pretty. It's so different.

It's so strange to look at.