Ultherapy - Dr. Roberto Garcia

We have an array of possible treatment options for our patients depending upon where they are in life. Ultherapy uses a medium temperature ultrasound signal that sends a thermal injury to the muscle and stimulates collagen growth, and that tightens the muscles, and it lifts the face. Everyone needs Ultherapy, we can all benefit. Regardless of where you are in the aging spectrum, Ultherapy is hands down the best procedure to do that. We've had amazing success with it as a non-surgical option to lifting the face, particularly the lower two-thirds of the face. No bruising, no swelling, you're back to work immediately, and the results, you slowly tighten the muscles over a period of three to six months, so it's a very gradual tightening, and has a very natural result. What I love about Ultherapy are definitely the results.