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Dr. Roberto Garcia is the co-founder of the Foundation for the Advancement of Children’s Esthetics (FACE) in 2005. The goal of this foundation is to provide free reconstructive surgeries to children that have experienced facial traumas. Regrettably, right now, there are children confronting facial disfigurement caused by traumatic injuries or birth defects.

The financial and emotional toll these children and their families must deal with can be overwhelming. FACE is a beacon of hope for these children. Dr. Garcia started FACE because he was passionate about using his surgical skills to help children in need. He performs reconstructive facial surgeries to correct birth defects, dog bites, burns, and other facial disfigurements for children of families who cannot afford to pay.

To date, FACE has helped children in North Florida and even Central America through outreach programs in Ecuador and El Salvador. In addition to performing surgeries, Dr. Garcia has gone one step further in setting up training seminars for doctors in poor areas to partner with them in recommending surgical techniques and developing procedures for post-surgical follow-up care. On the education front, FACE also hosts workshops for dog bite awareness and prevention since so many of the cases are caused by dog bites. Dr.

Garcia donates his professional services at no charge, but funds are always needed for materials, time in the operating room, anesthesia services, etc. Please consider a donation so Dr. Garcia can help more of these children in need. The goal is to help as many children as possible so these kids can lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, please contact a representative.

Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

Under the direction of visionary double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia, Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery offers the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures in a relaxed and serene setting. Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation today to get the first glimpse of your future self.

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