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At What Age is it Safe to Have a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 04/23/2021

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A rhinoplasty– more commonly referred to as a nose job is a procedure that is performed to reconstruct or alter the appearance of the nose. There are many reasons why a person may want the look of their nose altered. Correcting damage from a past injury or medical condition may require a rhinoplasty but sometimes the procedure is performed to improve or repair the nose's functionality as well.

Conditions like a deviated septum can cause patients to suffer from a decreased ability to breathe through their nose, meaning that a rhinoplasty can be a life-changing procedure for some people.

What is Involved with the Procedure?

When considering what age is safe to have a rhinoplasty it is important to consider the stress that a procedure like this is going to put the body through. Let's take a closer look at what happens during a rhinoplasty.

1. Anesthesia – The patient is sedated using an IV or general anesthesia. The ability to undergo anesthesia is going to be a determining factor of the patient's safety. This means that the surgeon will have to know about the medical history of the patient and determine a surgical plan to select which anesthesia to use.

2. Incision – There are two kinds of incisions that the procedure may require. For minor adjustments, the incision is made inside the nostril. This is known as closed rhinoplasty. If extensive restructuring is required, the surgeon will have to do an open rhinoplasty – making a small incision between the nostrils. Plastic surgeons are careful to make it in the natural creases of the skin, making the scar nearly invisible.

3. Reshaping – Once the incision is made the surgeon will reshape the nose by adding or removing cartilage and bone from the structure.

4. Finishing the procedure – Once the nose is shaped the surgeon will drape the skin and close the incisions.

5. Healing- Patients are often excited to see the results and will notice a big improvement in the first few weeks. After a year or more, however, is when the residual swelling has gone down and patients can see the full results.

At What Age Can the Procedure be Performed Safely?

There is no set age that is safe or unsafe at which to get a nose job. It is recommended however that patients be between the ages of 18 and 40. Of course, there are mitigating factors that may overrule these numbers – this is a generalization.

At the younger end of the spectrum, the deciding factor for getting a rhinoplasty is the development of the patient. If a patient is still developing, then it is not a good idea to perform a rhinoplasty as complications can arise as the body continues to develop. Another factor at this end is maturity. Undergoing a cosmetic operation is a life-changing procedure, and just as the body must be developed enough to handle the rigors of this operation, so must the mind.

While there is no upper age limit for getting a rhinoplasty, the recovery time for older patients and their medical histories will be deciding factors. The ability to undergo anesthesia is sometimes diminished and it is critical to find a surgeon who is experienced working with skin that has aged further.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Finding a surgeon with the experience and attention to detail that is required to perform a successful rhinoplasty is critical when making your decision. A botched nose job can be devastating to mental and physical health and detrimental to your whole life.

Dr. Roberto Garcia is an extremely qualified and experienced plastic surgeon with the ability to ensure that your nose job is performed safely and successfully. His customer service is unparalleled and should you decide to go through with the procedure he will guide you confidently through every step of the process so that you can get to enjoying your improved nose and the confidence that comes with it.


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