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Debunking Five Common Myths About KYBELLA

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 05/27/2020

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A double chin doesn't always respond to traditional diet and exercise. As a result, men and women are unhappy with their facial profiles. KYBELLA® is a cosmetic injectable that melts away the fat so individuals can have a slimmer and more pronounced chin. Dr. Roberto Garcia is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in KYBELLA injections to get rid of neck fat.

So what is KYBELLA, and what does KYBELLA do? This revolutionary, noninvasive method for reducing neck fat is one of our most popular procedures. At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer online consultations for patients interested in a KYBELLA procedure in Jacksonville, FL. Read on to find out how we debunk the five most common myths about this double chin removal treatment, and schedule an online consultation.

1. KYBELLA is only fit for overweight people

Overweight people are not the only ones who suffer from the appearance of a double chin. Anyone who has excess fat in the submental area may be a candidate for KYBELLA. Sometimes, the structure of your face can make a double chin more pronounced than normal. Aging can also cause or worsen a double chin.

During your consultation with Dr. Garcia, we can examine the area and create a custom plan to treat small pockets of fat in the upper neck. KYBELLA is not appropriate for patients who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or have an active infection. Please let us know about any health conditions that may affect the outcome of your treatment.

2. KYBELLA procedures are invasive

When people think about injections to get rid of neck fat, they may be concerned about the invasiveness of the treatment. Actually, KYBELLA does not cause major discomfort and is a great alternative to liposuction or facelift surgery. Dr. Garcia or one of our trained injectors will begin by applying a numbing cream to the area underneath the chin. We then administer a series of multiple small injections. Most individuals only need a single KYBELLA treatment to reach their cosmetic goal, while others require several sessions spaced about three weeks apart.

3. KYBELLA results are only temporary

KYBELLA uses a form of deoxycholic acid to target fat cells underneath the chin. Deoxycholic acid is naturally produced in our bodies to help us absorb fat. The good news is that once the cells have been eliminated, they are gone for good. However, the fat cells that remain behind can get larger, so it is important to remain at a stable weight after a KYBELLA procedure. This will prevent new pockets of fat from developing in the future. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can enjoy your KYBELLA results for years to come.

4. The recovery time is long

Since KYBELLA does not require general anesthesia or invasive measures, patients can return to their day as normal following treatment. As with other cosmetic injectables, you may experience some minor side effects with KYBELLA. The most common side effects are swelling, bruising, or redness underneath the chin that should not last longer than 2 – 3 days. This can be alleviated with a simple ice pack or cold compress for 10 – 15 minutes at a time.

Reach out to Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL, if you feel any unusual symptoms. Difficulty swallowing or facial muscle weakness are rare, but should be reported immediately. The results of KYBELLA injections are often gradual. Targeted fat cells usually disappear from the area within 4 – 6 weeks after receiving injections. Afterward, our patients report a more contoured appearance under the chin.

5. KYBELLA results are not noticeable

So do injections to get rid of neck fat really work? When administered by a skilled professional, KYBELLA has been proven to get rid of extra fat underneath the chin. Most people will see a significant reduction in fat and improvement in their chin profile. Depending on the amount of skin laxity, you may also notice some minimal tightening of the skin. These benefits are achieved without surgery or anesthesia so patients can easily fit treatment into their busy schedules. Contact Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery to find out more.

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So what is KYBELLA, and what does KYBELLA do? This advanced procedure has been proven to show amazing results for patients in Jacksonville, FL. Whether the pockets of fat were caused by genetics, aging, or weight fluctuations, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia can help you achieve a softer jawline and chin. If you are feeling self-conscious about your appearance, our plastic surgery office can perform an assessment and create a personalized plan for you. Schedule a virtual consultation with Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about this double chin removal treatment.


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