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How Does A Contoura Fat Transfer Rejuvenate Your Face?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 08/26/2020

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As the earliest signs of aging start to appear on the face, many men and women in Jacksonville, FL begin to think about their options to turn back the clock and restore a more youthful look. Some of the most common concerns – lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume –can be improved with injectable dermal fillers. For patients who are interested in an alternative to synthetic fillers, an innovative procedure known as facial fat grafting can be a fantastic option. Double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia has developed an advanced technique known as the Contoura Fat Transfer to help men and women achieve natural, youthful, long-lasting results without the use of fillers. Learn more about this exciting procedure offered at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, including what exactly it does and whether or not it may be right for you.

What causes lines and wrinkles?

Lines and wrinkles are, unfortunately, a natural part of the aging process. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to the development of lines and wrinkles, including sun exposure, genetics, diet, lifestyle, and more. Some lines are considered dynamic, meaning they are the result of repetitive muscle movements and expressions. Other wrinkles and facial folds form as the face naturally loses volume over time. These deep folds and lines can dramatically alter the appearance of the face and make patients look significantly older than they actually are.

How can I get rid of deep lines and wrinkles?

In our younger years, lines and wrinkles may be avoided or improved through diet, hydration, routine skin care, and nonsurgical facial treatments. Over time, however, the signs of aging begin to escape the control of these methods. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments offer a variety of options to reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful look. Injectable dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, such as JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and BOTOX®, are extremely beneficial for reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and facial folds. In addition, topical therapies, such a microneedling and PRP therapy. can boost the body's collagen production and help keep the skin smooth and healthy.

What is a facial fat transfer?

Fat grafting is an advanced technique designed to add volume to a certain area of the patient's body using fat cells from another part of his or her body. Dr. Garcia is proud to offer a unique approach to this technique using the Contoura Fat Transfer for addressing many of the common signs of aging on the face, including folds, wrinkles, lines, and more.

How does a fat transfer to the face work?

During a Contoura Fat Transfer, Dr. Garcia will extract fat from one area using liposuction. This fat is often taken from the hips, thighs, or abdomen, depending on where the patient has enough available fat to harvest. Once the fat has been purified and prepared in syringes, Dr. Garcia will carefully inject the fat into the target areas of the face in layers for an even, natural, smooth result. Because a minimal amount of fat is needed for facial fat grafting in most cases, the procedure is performed while the patient is under twilight or local anesthesia and typically lasts about 2 – 3 hours, depending on the area(s) being treated.

Where can you get fat transfer on the face?

In addition to filling in lines and wrinkles, facial fat transfer can be used in other ways to truly transform your face. Some of the most exciting uses of fat transfer to the face include:

  • Remove brow furrows
  • Fill in nasolabial folds
  • Improve marionette lines
  • Plumping the lips
  • Restore lost volume in the cheeks
  • Fill in undereye circles
  • Even out skin's surface, including scars

During your initial consultation, Dr. Garcia will carefully evaluate your areas of concern and determine how fat transfer can best be used to help you achieve your ultimate goals. In some cases, Dr. Garcia may recommend a complementary treatment, such as BOTOX injection, to further enhance your results.

Is fat transfer better than dermal fillers?

Injectable fillers certainly have a number of benefits and can produce stunning results. However, some patients prefer the more natural approach of fat transfer, which does not require the use of synthetic filler material. Furthermore, Jacksonville, FL area patients who undergo fat transfer often receive the benefit of a slimmer contour in the area where liposuction was performed. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of fat transfer, though, is that the results can be much longer-lasting and are typically considered more natural-looking than those achieved with injectables. The choice between dermal fillers and fat transfer is ultimately up to the patient and surgeon, with both procedures having their own unique set of advantages.

Refresh your look and feel more confident than ever with facial fat transfer

Are you ready to take your look to the next level with striking, youthful, natural-looking, and long-lasting results? If so, we invite you to call the friendly team at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL today to schedule your private in-office or virtual consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia, and learn more about the life-changing benefits of Contoura Fat Transfer.


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