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How Does a Contoura Fat Transfer Restore Volume to an Aging Face?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 08/14/2021

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Fat loss in the mid-face can cause problems, like wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and sunken eyes, making you appear older or more tired. The good news is that modern-day treatments, like fat grafting, can add volume and rebuild fullness once again. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia is proud to offer the innovative Contoura Fat Transfer to rejuvenate your features.

If you're unsure what's involved, fat grafting takes unwanted fat from one area, like the hips, flanks, or abdomen, and carefully administers it to the face to provide natural fullness. Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery can achieve all kinds of cosmetic goals when performing this popular procedure in Jacksonville, FL. Find out how we restore volume to an aging face by scheduling a consultation.

How does the Contoura Fat Transfer work?

Facial fat is evenly distributed throughout the face when we're young. While most men and women enjoy smooth contours and wrinkle-free skin, this begins to change as we enter our 30s, 40s, and 50s. Factors like genetics and gravity cause fat to shift downward, leading to problems, like deep creases and sunken or hollow cheeks. Your mid-face may appear deflated, leading to feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

Facial fat grafting is incredibly useful for filling the hollow areas without turning to plastic surgery, dermal fillers, or foreign silicone implants. Our Contoura Fat Transfer uses your own natural tissue to complete the process, meaning there are no adverse reactions expected.

What about dermal fillers?

Many people turn to options like dermal fillers to restore facial volume. Even though fillers can produce pleasing results, they are not considered long-lasting. Patients need to return for repeat treatments every few months or once a year to keep up their youthful appearance. Fat grafting, on the other hand, has the potential to last for years. Dr. Garcia can give you a more specific timeline during your initial fat transfer consultation in Jacksonville, FL.

Who is qualified for fat grafting?

Most people can get fat grafting to improve signs of aging and restore volume to the face. Candidates for the Contoura Fat Transfer should have a good understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations about their results. Qualified patients should have enough fat in areas like the flanks or abdomen before moving forward with treatment. It's also important to discuss your current medications, health history, and lifestyle habits, like smoking, with our team in detail.

How is a fat transfer performed?

Once Dr. Garcia determines which area to take excess fat, we use twilight or local anesthesia to perform liposuction. The fat is processed and placed into syringes to administer into the face. The fat may be grafted into the mid-face, cheeks, lips, or below the eyes to make you appear more youthful. No invasive measures, long incisions, or general anesthesia are needed during the process.

Restore volume in the mid-face

At some point, we all get frustrated with sunken cheeks and other signs of aging. If you struggle with problems, like wrinkles, thin lips, or sunken eyes, our Contoura Fat Transfer may be the answer. The specialists at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery are proud to have performed countless successful procedures for patients who love their full results. Learn more about fat grafting from Dr. Roberto Garcia by scheduling an anti-aging consultation in Jacksonville, FL.


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