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How to Recover from a Fat Transfer

Brookes Pittman, APRN | 08/30/2018

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could move fat from one part of your body and use it to contour another area? With fat transfer surgery, we can do just that. By removing fat from a part of your body like your abdomen, buttocks, or upper thighs, we can then inject that fat into parts of your body, like your face, to help add contour and dimension. Moreover, although it's our job at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery to conduct the surgery, it's your job to ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly and safely as possible, but how?

Wear a Compression Garment

Typically, we will send you home with a compression garment on. And although you may think that your garment is just for good looks, it actually serves a purpose and should be worn for as long as your surgeon recommends. Why? Compression garments help provide support, minimize swelling, and help the skin conform to the contours in the body after surgery.

Pain Medication

Pain and bruising are a regular part of recovery and should subside on their own within a couple of weeks. Sometimes pain medication is provided to patients to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed after surgery. Whenever you're on a pain medication, make sure to take it as directed and to have it with food so that it doesn't upset your stomach.

Allow Yourself Time to Recover

If you want to show everyone how strong you are, then you may think you have to get right back to work and exercising right away, but this may only lead to infections and other problems. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to recover after your surgery. Even though you won't be tested on these recovery tips, they're still good to know. If you want to learn more about fat transfer procedures and whether they are right for you, then schedule your consultation at our Ponte Vedra office today and give us a call at (904) 686-8020.


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