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Your Top 3 Rhinoplasty Questions Answered

Brookes Pittman, APRN | 05/16/2017

Concerned with the appearance of your nose? Considered talking to a surgeon about making changes to your nose? Many patients that come to our office for consultation may be thinking of a lot of questions to ask Dr. Garcia. It is highly important that patients begin their consultation BEFORE they even come in to the office; that is, DO YOUR HOMEWORK and start thinking about what questions are important to you when exploring the idea of having a Rhinoplasty surgery. With a practice that specializes in Rhinoplasties, Dr. Roberto Garcia is an expert in the closed Rhinoplasty technique which affords patients an incision free result. In fact, many patients come from all over the country to consult with Dr. Roberto Garcia. In consultation with patients, Dr. Garcia has identified 3 common questions that are very important: 1. Is a Rhinoplasty painful? In Dr. Garcia's hands, Rhinoplasty is not a painful procedure in and of itself. Dr. Garcia does not pack the nose after surgery. This greatly reduces pain, pressure and a significant amount of post surgical discomfort. In fact, our patients are breathing very well right after surgery. Nevertheless, some patients will experience some soreness due to congestion from swollen facial and nasal tissues but this temporary discomfort will be controlled with over the counter Tylenol or pain medication if necessary. 2. How long is the recovery period and when can I go back to work or school? Recovery from a Rhinoplasty is not as bad as you may think! Generally speaking, our patients recover very quickly. Tapes and splints usually come off after 7 days. Most patients are resuming work or school at 1 week's time. In fact, most of your coworkers won't notice anything! Restrictions on athletic activities will apply until Dr. Garcia gives the patient approval. 3. When will I see my results? Excellent results are visible once the splints/tapes are removed at 7 days, however it takes about 2-3 weeks for the majority of swelling to subside. Patients will see final results after 2 months. Even so, it takes 8-12 months for all of the swelling and minor changes to the nose to heal. These are just some of the most common questions patients ask before undergoing a Rhinoplasty procedure. We encourage our patients to educate themselves and visit us for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Roberto Garcia. For more information on this topic or anything related to Rhinoplasty, visit our website at https://contoura.com/ or call our office (904) 686-8020.


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