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What Kind of Scarring Can I Expect With a Facelift?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 02/12/2020

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Proper recovery from a facelift can help reduce facelift scars. The techniques and treatments you follow, along with the frequency in which you apply them, are critical in helping to ensure you have a scar-free facelift that lasts for years to come.

When you visit Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia and his team of professionals will do their best to properly prepare and perform your procedure with the goal of little-to-no scarring. But like with any major surgery, there are risks. As a result, the selection of the right facelift surgeon and your facelift aftercare plan can play equally critical roles in your success as the actual procedure itself.

Six common factors to help limit facelift scars

When it comes to any type of surgical procedure, whether cosmetic or medical, there are a variety of factors that come into play to reduce the appearance of or prevent visible scars, including:

  • Experience

  • Selection

  • Preparation

  • Incisions

  • Commitment

  • Time

1. Choose an experienced Jacksonville plastic surgeon

Deciding to have facelift surgery is a decision you don't take lightly, and who will perform your surgery shouldn't be either. That's why those looking for the best facelift surgeon in the Jacksonville area come to Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, the premier center for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Northeast Florida. Serving Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, founder Roberto E. Garcia, M.D., F.A.C.S. has performed more than 15,000 facial surgeries over the course of his professional career. When it comes to the art of facial aesthetics, you'd even be correct to say he wrote the book on it.

2. Personalized selection of your facelift procedure

Which facelift procedure is right for your current needs? We all want to look a little younger, but based on your age, facial contour, wrinkles, and general health, Dr. Garcia will work with you to customize the procedure that makes the most sense for you before any commitment is made. Your confidence and comfort are always our top priorities.

3. Meticulous preparation

Whether you choose to have Dr. Garcia's exclusive, minimally invasive Contoura Lift® or opt for a more traditional facelift — or something in between — how diligently we prepare for your procedure to minimize facial scarring doesn't differ. Our specialists will clearly communicate our detailed plan from point of entry to ongoing aftercare.

4. Strategic facelift incision points

Most facelift incisions begin along your hairline or near your ears because, while new technology and techniques greatly reduce the chance of post-surgery facial scarring, Dr. Garcia still wants to minimize any possible scar's exposure. Choosing the most discreet entry points to stretch and straighten your facial muscles is always paramount regardless of the specific procedure you choose.

5. Commitment to facelift aftercare

Immediately following your procedure, the healing process begins and moderate discomfort will occur. Dr. Garcia and his team will address any soreness you may feel, and prescribe antibiotics or pain medication as needed. All that is required from you to minimize any potential facial scarring is your unwavering commitment to the treatment of your skin. Depending on the intensity and intricacy of your procedure, this may include frequent application of ointments and topical vitamins, avoiding overexposure to sun, and maintaining a healthy diet to reinforce your immune system.

6. Time heals (almost) all wounds

While some bruising and inflammation are inevitable, time is your friend. You can expect to be back to your old, new self in about a month depending on the factors listed above. Be sure to keep all lines of communication open with Dr. Garcia and his staff, attend all of your scheduled appointments, and get plenty of rest. Visible scarring is rare with experienced professionals at the helm, and allowing for proper healing will help ensure your results endure the test of time.

When undergoing cosmetic surgery, you want to make sure your facelift doesn't leave a mark. The keys to any successful recovery from a facelift are the people in charge of your procedure: you and your facelift team. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia and the experts at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery will have you looking and feeling great again in no time. Contact us today to schedule your facelift consultation.


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