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Neck Liposuction in Jacksonville & Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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what is Neck Liposuction?

Regardless of the reference, double chins are actually caused by extra fat around the neck. During liposuction of the neck at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Roberto Garcia will suction away the fat on the neck. This helps to remove the jowls and the presence of the double chin. This liposuction procedure assists in creating a more chiseled jawline and neck and creates a smooth appearance by strengthening muscles and reducing soft tissue. Neck liposuction can remove small and large pockets of fat over small or large treatment areas. It's an excellent option for women and men who desire a thinner neckline. For more information on neck lipo and its benefits for your neckline, schedule a consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto Garcia at his private practice in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

should i get neck liposuction?

The best candidates for neck liposuction at Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery are Ponte Vedra Beach, FL women and men interested in removing undesired fat from their neck and jawline to reveal a slimmer appearance. Both small or large pockets of fat can be removed. Patients who maintain a healthy routine with a clean diet and regular exercise are most likely to maintain lasting results. If you suffer from sagging or excess skin beneath the chin, you may be an ideal candidate for skin tightening surgery as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with neck lipo.

how does neck liposuction work?

For neck liposuction, Dr. Garcia will use a suctioning device called a cannula to suction away the excess fat through a tiny incision beneath the jawline. At times, he will employ the tumescent, or "superwet" technique, where an anesthetic medication is mixed with another solution and utilized during the surgery to help reduce bleeding. The incision will then be carefully sewn closed. The procedure can be completed on its own; however, many individuals choose to have it completed along with another surgery, such as a facelift, to meet their aesthetic goals.

how long is recovery from neck liposuction?

At Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery, neck liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia and can be finished in a relatively short timeframe. Patients may be required to wear compression garments following their surgery to help reduce swelling. Downtime can vary and could be lengthened if other surgeries were performed at the same time. Maximal results will be noticed in the few months after the surgery, but patients may be instructed not to put weight on the surgery site for the first week. Since the incision site is small, scarring is typically minor and easy to conceal.

neck liposuction faq

How much does neck liposuction cost?
The cost for your neck liposuction procedure will be calculated after considering your goals and the amount of work necessary to achieve them. Following a complete examination, Dr. Garcia will develop a personal surgical plan that is tailored to your needs. At this time, a member of our staff will also help you understand procedure fees and explain your payment options. Contoura can help you apply for low-interest medical financing for your neck liposuction to help you afford your procedure.

Will I have visible scarring?
Dr. Garcia creates surgical incisions for neck liposuction in places that are less visible or easily concealed. During your initial consultation, ask Dr. Garcia about where incisions will be placed if you are worried about this. Typically, incisions will be placed just below your jawline in the natural folds of your skin where they are difficult to see and easy to conceal. Following surgery, our team will explain how to care for your incisions so your stitches heal properly and scarring is minimized.

Does the fat come back after a neck liposuction procedure?
During liposuction, fat cells are removed entirely so they cannot grow back. However, should you gain a lot of weight after liposuction, your neck may become larger once again. That's why Dr. Garcia suggests you be at or near a stable, maintainable weight prior to surgery. This should make it easier to sustain your surgical results with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

What is the difference between neck liposuction and Kybella injections?
A new minimally invasive treatment, Kybella, can reduce small amounts of fat in the submental area. This is a good option if you want to eliminate fat in the upper neck, which creates the look of a double chin. Although, if you want significant fat eliminated from several areas, neck liposuction is a better and more lasting choice. During your consultation, Dr. Garcia will listen to your concerns and explain your choices, including liposuction and Kybella.

Should I get a neck lift or neck liposuction?
Dr. Garcia can help you choose between neck liposuction, a lift, or both in your initial consultation. On the whole, a lift removes loose skin compared to neck liposuction, which eliminates fat. Often, combining liposuction and a lift can give you the best outcomes and the smoothest profile. Tell Dr. Garcia about your goals during your initial consultation so he can develop a customized surgical plan that is specific to your needs.

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted neck Fat

Neck lipo is an exciting way to eliminate difficult pockets of fat from the neck, chiseling the jawline and freeing you of an unattractive double chin. Our practice is always excited to help Ponte Vedra Beach, FL patients obtain more pride in their body image with a number of plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Garcia is dedicated to working with you to personalize your treatment. For more information about neck lipo or to arrange for a consultation, call Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery right away.

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