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Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery - Dr. Roberto Garcia - Lower Face Aging Procedures

Dr. Garcia explains lower face aging procedures and how they can be helpful for those with early signs of aging in the jawline and neck.

Candidates for lower face aging procedures are those that have early signs of aging in the jaw line, the jowls, and bands in the neck.

What happens is over time, collagen is lost, and the gravitational descent of the mid face and the neck take over. So they manifest as tissues that are actually dropping down towards the jaw line, creating the jowls, the marionette lines. And when you look at the lower face, it ages irrespective of the mid face. It actually pulls apart. And so what we see is patients come to our office, and they've developed two bands in their neck. Now these are called platysmal bands and it's a result of, as that collagen is broken down as one ages, those bands fall apart. And so you see the two definable edges. So all we're doing again with the basic concept of undoing the aging process, we're putting those bands back together, and then re draping the neck in a very natural and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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