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Eyelid surgery with fat graftingContoura Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Roberto Garcia discusses eyelid surgery with fat grafting.

Good morning. I'm Dr. Roberto Garcia. I want to talk today about the combination treatment of eyelid surgery with fat grafting. For many years I treated heaviness of the lower eyelids or the quote, or the "bags" of the lower eyelids as simply removing the fat pockets. Unfortunately what that does over the long term is it begins to hollow the lower eyelids and it begins to give us more of a sunken aged appearance. You have to realize at the same time that those fat pockets are falling forward in the lower eyelids, you're also beginning to lose volume underneath the eyes.

Fat grafting is a procedure that's really designed for the periorbital rejuvenation process. In essence, what you're able to do is take fat from one part of the body, you fill in this area called the tear trough, and then you can conservatively remove some of the fat pockets without any incisions or any scars. The process is painless, it takes about a week to recover, and it can be done under local anesthesia in an office.

When you combine fat grafting with pocket removal of the lower eyelids, you make a tremendous difference in terms of the rejuvenation of the lower eyelids and you recreate what we call the single convexity which is a single line from the lashes down to the cheeks. So you have that nice flow into the cheeks giving the midface a very natural and pleasing aesthetic appearance. I hope this clarifies a little bit as to how we combine eyelid surgery, or conservative eyelid surgery, with fat grafting. Thank you very much. Have a great day.

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