Patient Reviews

Here from our patients about their Contoura Moments!

"I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia."

"I felt like if I was going to trust my face to someone with surgery, I wanted it to be someone who specializes in just facial surgery."

"That's his specialty, and I would say if you want to have something done to your face, then absolutely, hands down, Dr. Garcia is who you'd want to see."

"He's done thousands of procedures. I felt like that's the person you want to trust."

"He's just so kind and so caring about each patient."

"That is what I love about Dr. Garcia, is that he really tunes into what you want, and he does that, and he does it artistically."'

"I think as a clinician and a surgeon, and his entire team, I think they're extremely thorough. I think they're meticulous in both pre-op and post-op, and really taking care and understanding that the patient really has needs, and they want to meet those needs."

"It was great. It was very reassuring. I really felt like I was the only patient he had."

"It makes you feel so comforted when you're here with him, that you just know you're in good hands. You know that he's going to take care of you, and he has your best interest at heart."

"Very personable. Definitely really cares about his patients, wants them to be happy with their outcome, never would push someone into something that they weren't comfortable with. If they're at all on the fence, he'll tell them, "Just wait. See what you think in a few weeks."

"Everybody is so attentive. You know, when you go and you have your face done, it's a big deal. So, you want to have confidence in not only the doctor, but his staff, and the people that you're going to be working with."