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How do you get the profile you’ve always wanted from a neck lift?Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery


Hi, I'm Dr. Garcia from Contour Facial Plastic Surgery. I'm asked almost on a daily basis, what can I do in order to get that nice acute angle to my neck from the neck lift component of a facelift, mini lift, the contour lift? I'll answer it with a little trepidation. Obviously, everyone's goal is to have that nice acute neck angle, but you also have to go back to when you were younger and what your neck looked like when you were younger. The question becomes, did you have a tight 90 degree angle when you were, say 20 or 22 years old, before you entered into the atrophic aging phase of facial aging? The reason I ask that is that not everybody's designed the same. And so, there's a bone in the neck called the hyoid bone, and if that bone for whatever reason is a little bit further out, then you cannot have that acute angle to the neck. And those that have that really sharp 90 degree angle, almost exclusively have a very posteriorly located highway bone allowing for the neck to come further back.

And so, that's something that I'm able to assess at the time of consultation, and I'm able to go over each patient on a individual, almost a tailor made process, and explain to them the risks, benefits, and what the true expectations might be from the surgery as I generally stand behind the patient in the mirror, and I'll show them in their neck, with my hands, show them what their neck can look like. That gives you a really good idea as to what it might look like. Again, I never over promise things, so I'm always of the opinion that I try to be very realistic with patients. And that serves to our benefit, because our patients are almost always very pleased with the results, as evidence by the reviews that you've seen online and on our website and elsewhere. So, it's important to meet with a surgeon who a, is a specialist in aging face surgery or facial surgery to that degree, and you want to meet with somebody who's realistic, and who's not going to fill you with unrealistic expectations.

I hope that helps, and again, look on our website, look at the results. We do have sections for neck lift, we do have sections for mini lifts, facelift and the contour lift, and see which one of those might apply for you. And when you do come in for consultation, I'll explain which one is right for you and why, and then we'll lay it out in a very detailed manner. I hope this finds you well, and I hope you have a great day. Bye, bye.

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