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What kind of scarring is there from a facelift?Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery


Hello everyone. I'm Dr. Garcia from Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery. I'm often asked, "How do the scars from facelift surgery look?" I've been performing facelift surgery for probably 18 years now of my practice, or my training and practice, and we perform anywhere from six to eight facelifts a week. I can tell you these are some of the best healing scars that you're going to get. A couple of things that we do that make them not scar, if you will. Number one is we place them in areas of the face that there's already existing folds, so the scars heal very nicely within them, and those include the ones under the chin and around the ears. The second thing is that we place them in hair bearing areas of the face and scalp; for instance, in these areas here and back here. And so the manner in which we make those incisions, we promote hair growth through the scars and they are completely covered up. And so there's really no shift in the hairline and there's no widening of the scars per se.

The scars up in the forehead heal well. I haven't had much of an issue with them. Every once in a while you might see somebody who has a little bit of a thickened scar out here in which we can do some techniques to help thin those and mitigate any hair changes. But overall, these scars heal really well and it's really hard to find them. Even I find patients when they're six, eight, nine months out, I have a difficult time finding particular scars.

So if you have any more questions about face of surgery, jump onto our website and look at the details of aging face surgery. And certainly when you come into our office to see us in consultation, we can show you what some real life scars do look like. But let that not be a particular concern in choosing whether this surgery is right for you or not. I would probably focus more on what do the results look like, how natural are they, and does that person look like they had a facelift or any other kind of aging face surgery? So I hope you found this video well, and I hope it answered some questions. And as always, I look forward to seeing you in our office. Have a good day.

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