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Blepharoplasty: Who is a candidate?Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery


Hi, I'm Dr. Roberto Garcia, founder of Contour Facial Plastic Surgery. I'm often asked who are the candidates for blepharoplasty surgery. First and foremost, blepharoplasty is a procedure that's aimed at improving the fold of skin of the upper eyelid. The fat pockets within the medial corners of the upper eyelid. The fat pockets and the loose skin that are underneath the eyes. The procedure blepharoplasty is really a process whereby you're removing excess skin through a small little incision in the crease of the eye and you're removing the little fat pockets.

With the lower eyelids, you're removing excess skin from lower eyelids and you're removing some of the fat pockets. However, oftentimes you'll find that patients have a hollow in this area just below those fat pockets called the tear trough region and there we might entertain the idea of actually injecting fat back into those hollows. The overall idea of blepharoplasty is to remove the attention of aging around the eyes, improve the visual field so that one is able to see better out the periphery.

Another thing that adds is it takes away from your need to use accessory musculature in the forehead because you're no longer having to utilize the browse to raise the excess skin off of the eyes. We do find that with the procedure of blepharoplasty, we do eliminate rather soften the requirement of that use of this forehead muscles. We have seen some improvement with that. The overall idea is that you're trying to soften the look of the upper third of the face and you're trying to obviously take off some of the loose skin and the wrinkling around the eyes. But at the same time you're just trying to reestablish that youthful appearance to the upper third of the face. Generally speaking, this is a procedure that's done under local anesthesia if done alone, and it's done with a small few of very small injections and it feels like you're at the dentist, or maybe if you're having a lesion removed at a dermatologist office and the procedure's fairly short, that lasts anywhere from, or it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Afterwards our patients are in a very comfortable state. They find that they basically just need to take Tylenol for discomfort. Even though we put everybody on antibiotics, there's a very low risk of an infection. Our patients are seeing many times better than ever immediately after the surgery. If you have any further questions, there are some sections on our website that are specified just for blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery, and you might find a little bit more information there. As always, you can always call our office and schedule a consultation with us and we'd be happy to see you. As always, thank you for taking the time and I hope to see you soon. Bye.

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