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Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery - Nurse Practitioner Brookes Botox timeline

Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery - Nurse Practitioner Brookes Botox timeline


Hey, it's Brookes from Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery here at Ponte Vedra Beach. A lot of my patients that I see on a daily basis are preparing for something, whether it be an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, reunion, you name it. I have people preparing a year out sometimes for some of these events. So something I address with people all the time is how long does it take your Botox to kick in? That's a great question.

Botox takes about three to five days to start working on most people, give or take a few days. Everybody handles it a little bit differently, but for most people, three to five days is when Botox starts to be effective. You will think your Botox is done in about a week, but in actuality Botox continues to work for two weeks. And two weeks is the point where I tell patients, "That is your final result."

Well if you're prepping for something, if there's any need for an adjustment, or I call it a tweak, which I offer complimentary in my practice, I like to give some room for people to come in and see me at that two-week mark and still have that perfect effect for whatever event they're planning. So if you're planning on getting Botox ahead of an event or for a special occasion, give yourself three weeks minimum before the event to give Botox a try. That leaves time for Botox to take its full effect. In an ideal world, it's perfect. You never have to have a tweak. But just in case you need that tweak, I'd like to have that extra week to make sure we can make any kind of adjustments that are necessary, so the Botox is perfect for whatever you're planning to have to go to.

Also, this gives time for bruising. People don't always expect bruising out of Botox, and it doesn't always happen, but it is a side effect that can happen. So I would hate for some big event to be coming, or for you to have somewhere important to go, and then you have to deal with a bruise.So two to three weeks minimum before a big event. But for those of you just getting Botox just because you want to look refreshed, in about three to five days you'll start seeing that effect, and in about a week you will really feel the results of that Botox.

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