September Specials


Rhinoplasty - What to Expect After Surgery

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 09/21/2021

Just as you should have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure, it’s just as important to know what to expect post-op.


Address Early Anti-Aging With a Thread Lift

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 09/20/2021

A thread lift uses tiny threads to pull the skin tight and remove the signs of aging without the hassle of conventional surgical procedures.


What is Fat Transfer to the Face?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 09/15/2021

By transferring fat to the face, this procedure restores volume and improves facial contours.


How Does a Contoura Fat Transfer Restore Volume to an Aging Face?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 08/14/2021

Fat grafting can restore volume in the mid-face and treat problems like hollow cheeks. See how we address common signs of aging with this procedure.


ALASTIN Skincare®

Brookes Pittman, APRN | 08/02/2021

We only promote the very best products, and Alastin is one of our favorites!


Why is BROTOX Becoming so Popular?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 07/24/2021

The BOTOX® gender gap is shrinking. Due to economic and social factors, more men are seeking BOTOX treatments, which are quick, safe, and effective.


Introducing Nitronox

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 07/08/2021

To help patients alleviate any anxiety surrounding their service.


What Is The Right Age For Teen Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 06/15/2021

Get the answers to all of your questions about rhinoplasty for teens, including when it may be time to consider surgery and why you may need to wait.


What Kinds of Anesthesia are Available for your Blepharoplasty?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 06/03/2021

There are 3 options ranging from local anesthetic to full sedation. Learn more!


Is There A Different Technique For Ethnic Rhinoplasty Vs. Traditional?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 05/13/2021

What does it mean to have an ethnic rhinoplasty, and who qualifies for one? Learn about the unique approach used during ethnic rhinoplasty here.


The Real Cost of Cheap Botox: Why You Should Choose Botox Based on Provider

Carmen Sardinas, JD, MBA | 05/03/2021

A provider charging significantly less, it’s not a sign that you got lucky! Here’s how to choose a good provider!


At What Age is it Safe to Have a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 04/23/2021

At what age is too young? Too old? Learn more!


Where Are Incisions Placed For a Mini Facelift?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 04/17/2021

Learn about personalizing a surgical plan for this less invasive facial rejuvenation procedure and what you can expect with mini facelift scars.


Is Eyelid Surgery Safe?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 04/06/2021

Like any surgical procedure, eyelid surgery comes with some risks.



Dr. Roberto Garcia | 03/15/2021

Why IPL, what to expect, and more!


Will Bellafill® Help Diminish Severe Acne Scarring?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 03/11/2021

Are you embarrassed about the appearance of facial acne scars? Learn how Bellafill dermal filler might help you achieve a smoother complexion.


Can Fillers Fix An Asymmetrical Face?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 02/09/2021

Discover how facial fillers can help correct asymmetrical features and provide a more balanced appearance.


How Long Does Tightness Last After Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 01/05/2021

Be prepared for blepharoplasty recovery with this helpful information about what to expect after eyelid surgery, including possible side effects.


What Is the Best Age to Consider a Facelift?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 12/03/2020

A facelift is a surgical procedure that can be used to reduce visible signs of aging and facial asymmetry for men and women of various ages.


Can A Thread Lift Remove Excess Facial Skin?

Dr. Roberto Garcia | 11/04/2020

A Jacksonville, FL thread lift helps to tighten and lift the skin while also stimulating the production of collagen over time.


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